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Ocean Wave Energy Generation by Fieldstone Energy

Ocean Wave Energy Generation by Fieldstone Energy Reviewed by The Online Think Tank

A new wave in Alternative Renewable and Unlimited Energy has been reviewed by the Online Think Tank. Online Think Tank Coordinator Lance Winslow stated; "This just might be the answer we have all been looking for and the efficiency here is remarkable indeed." Fieldstone Energy now has their patent for this Ocean Wave Energy Generation Technology.

In fact Brian Meano of Fieldstone Energy believes that this can and will solve the Global Warming issue once and for all. One Online Think Tank member who reviewed the project and gave it his support and stamp of approval sees a time when there will be 100s if not 1000s of these units across the Planet generating abundant renewable energy.

Currently in the United States Hydroelectric Power makes up about 20% of our nation's energy output. The DOE sees Hydroelectric Energy as one of the best and most efficient ways to Generate Electricity.

The Fieldstone Energy proposed project designs are simple and efficient, this concept also has a bonus in that these designs can produce energy with Zero Fish Kill or harm to sea life.


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