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February 2011
Consumer Product Design
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Daniel Persson

Entry: Bedbags


beg bag by Daniel Persson sweden
Judges Notes: This consumer product was chosen due to its universal need throughout the world, especially with aging generations and shifting demographics. Also for its benefits in personal protection in case of intruders, or after earthquakes. It was also chosen due to its ability to be manufactured at a reasonable price using a number of potential materials. This product is Patent Pending and if you'd like to sell, distribute, license, or market this product, you may contact us at the Online Think Tank and we will introduce you to the inventor and designer.

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Honorable Mention Innovations in the February 2011 Consumer Product Design Contest are as follow:

1. iPad Kitchen Holder/Stand for Reading Recipes while cooking

2. Magnetic induction powered LED lighting system for mountain biking

We thank all of our creative genius innovators, artists, designers, engineers, and inventors for making this contest a complete success.