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High-Altitude ICBM Missile Defense
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Project "SCAID"

cloaked US military dirigible invisible

Overview: Due to the proliferation of ICBM technology and nuclear weapons, along with anti-satellite missiles, weaponizing of space, and emerging threats it has now become paramount that the United States and her allies develop a high-altitude dirigible net-centric grid capable of detecting and eliminating incoming threats, while remaining stealth, invisible, and without electronic or heat signatures. Today, with nano-technology, new materials, stronger electronic systems, air-to-air missile maneuverability and better knowledge SCAID is now possible.

invisible dirgibles of US military

Chief Engineer and Concept Design on Project: Troy Laclaire

Chief Consultant and Concept Phase Project Manager: Lance Winslow

black project blimps and dirigibles    stealth blimp sensors technology

This system is capable of tracking multiple targets, intercepting incoming ICBM or splintered warheads, or swarms of incoming projectiles, and decoys, and eliminating them, while remaining cloaked and in stealth mode. It is capable of unlimited flight duration, and on station reloading of defensive missiles. It is also capable of returning local fire if attacked with artificial intelligent vengeance. It uses both known and less-than-known technology.

This system employs zero-gravity defense missile technology, dirigible composite material, non-detectable sensors, and is integrated into current net-centric information grids with autonomous capabilities to defend specified locations on the planet's surface. The electronics and materials are capable of never experienced solar flare magnitudes and space anomalies only hypothesized by the space weather scientific community. The 3D renderings below allow you to visualize the concept.

aerial mine missile defense planetary defense    full view of missile defense dirigible

troy laclaire scientist designer project


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