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Deep Water Pipeline Well Break Solution

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Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
Pipeline Break - Solution


Troy Laclaire

Deep Water Horizon Design Contest Entry

Deepwater Horizon Spill Concept
Broken Pipeline Fix for Deep Horizon Spill
artist rendering and 3D image pipeline fix

Description of Components
1. Grey:  This would be formed pipe/steel that would be placed around the old pipe.
2. Yellowish: This area would be the "join" points, and can be either welded or predrilled for bolts. They are slightly spaced so that a very tight seal can be made.
3. Red: One way tube for puncture pipe.
4. Green: This would be a "spike" or "drill" that would be used to puncture the old pipe to allow oil to flow into the new area.  It has a larger piece behind the spike, so that once pressure starts to build up it self seals around the "red" tube.
5. Blue box: This would be where the valve system would be placed to connect new pipe to, as well as to control pressure. 
6. Not shown:  Cap for top, which would be put in place in an open position and then once ready would be closed to cut the current pipe and seal the whole system. This is an extremely simple concept, as it is somewhat based on how the tops to sports arenas work.
troy laclaire winner of engineering design contest
Final image: This final 3D graphic rendering shows how the whole thing would fit on top of the "blow out preventer" that failed during this spill, and has to be built in place, by the deepwater robotic tethered submersibles that are on site and used in deep sea oil and gas drilling operations which are standard in the oil and gas exploration industry.

Note on 3D Renderings depicted: These graphic images are missing the final top piece or component which would have cut the old pipeline and sealed the system in on itself. For more details on this solution you may contact the Online Think Tank to speak with the design engineer on this project or further adaptations needed for your challenges or applications.