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Unmanned Aerial Evacuation Rescue System

An Online Think Tank Project


Problem: The State of California is under dire financial stress. The CHP or California Highway Patrol is spending huge amounts of money on Helicopters to patrol the Freeways and Highways of the state, and these choppers cost millions of taxpayer dollars to purchase and maintain. There is too much downtime, too much waiting for European helicopter parts, and it's costing far too much for a large evacuation size helicopter for dual use; patrolling + evacuation.

Solution: Sell the CHP Helicopters and Aircraft and go to unmanned aerial vehicles, micro-helicopters (55 to 100 lbs.) and have several of these flying in a grid to serve the area with for traffic control, information, speeding tickets, and surveillance. Share information with other law-enforcement for a fee, and use four or more of these drones to airlift serious accident victims to nearby hospitals, or awaiting ambulances that cannot get to the location.

Concept Drawing and Sketches Below:

UAV Rescue System - 4 VTOL Micro Helicopters and Stretcher

Description: Recommend GTMAX from Georgia Tech for the helicopters or equivalent. The stretcher folds up into a CHP police cruiser or is carried to the site by one of the helicopters, which can take it from the station or meet the CHP cruiser or SUV at the nearest road way. The stretcher unfolds and inflates into a wing and body. The stretcher thus morphs into the shape of a very flat aircraft, therefore is easily lifted by the four helicopters which attach to the hook-ups. The victim is airlifted out.

Additional Information: Sell the CHP's foreign made helicopters on Ebay. Cancel the contract for airport hangar space by parking these choppers at the CHP office and operate from the gated parking-lot.