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Storm Drain Blocking Type Innovations
to Prevent Urban Pollution Run-Off
and Comply with EPA NPDES, and
Storm Water Regulations

Innovator and Inventor on Project:
Clifford Young

Clifford Young is an industrial water specialist with a tremendous resume. Over the years he's developed some spectacular low-cost solutions to help businesses comply with the ever increasing storm water challenges. His simple solutions to these complex problems have been tested and used in the mobile surface cleaning industry and have been sought after by the manufacturing, transportation, and aerospace industries - easily surpassing the capabilities and higher costs of other options available in the environmental catalogs and online offerings.

Our teams have tested these storm-drain solutions in the trucking industry while cleaning fleets, and in parking structures cleaning grease and oil stains. We've also had success at airports preventing waste-wash-water run-off from entering the storm drains. This solution prevents dirty and polluted water from entering the storm drains during operations. Today the latest version of those original prototypes goes even further to insure that pollution does not enter storm water systems or make its way into our rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans. Protecting our water ways is essential to being good stewards of our environment.

Today with such robust low-cost solutions there is no excuse for dirty or polluted water run-off from small businesses, factories, government, or service companies doing cleaning, construction, or landscaping.

Below is a picture of the completed innovative solution after nearly ten-years of testing.


You can learn more about this solution and other innovations from Clifford Young's company, along with his consulting services to custom tailor environmental solutions to your needs:

Water Shed

Watershed Pollution Control
Technology & Services, Inc 

The Online Think Tank is happy to endorse this product as a viable solution to one of the most important challenges of Mankind's Future:

Clean Water