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By joining this network as a Think Tank Coordinator in your area, or perhaps a member of a local Think Tank Group or Master Mind Club, you can receive important information, answers to questions, advice and expertise on your ideas, innovations and inventions. You will also meet people in your area who like you, have ideas, inventions, and thoughts and who likewise wish to network with you and help you work through your ideas, as you help them with theirs.

We are currently working to set up our network to provide referrals for licensing, patents, copyright, and protection of intellectual property for our members. With our growing extensive network of thinkers, and experts of all kinds in many arenas we are able to help you take your ideas to the next level for the betterment of mankind and insure the best possible future. By working together your ideas can help humankind continue the quest for prosperity, freedom, and knowledge.

Many of our members are entrepreneurs using the knowledge of the network to bring these innovations to market, others are working with non-profits to find ways to cure cancer, fight diseases, eliminate deadly pathogens, and still others are working on concepts dealing with security, energy, education, transportation, water issues, and economics. And some are working on challenges that are far beyond the understanding of the average member of society, even though these innovations will most likely provide the greatest benefit to the average person.

There are well over 200 categories at any time which we are thinking about and/or working on - some of our groups work with governments in advisory roles. Others work with the latest technologies, alternative energies, medicines, personal tech, business, diplomacy, space concepts, and future concepts to solves mankind's greatest challenges. We need your assistance to help and in turn we will attempt to provide the answers you need to see your ideas, inventions, plans, and dreams to fruition. That is the goal, and that is our mission - what's yours?

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