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Welcome to the Online Think Tank

The Online Think Tank is the most unique and qualified mastermind group on Earth, as we are “Time Neutral” thinking beyond the confines of time. Our members might be discussing the thoughts of Aristotle and Plato one moment and then in the same sentence the future concepts of Isaac Asimov and Arthur C Clarke.

In fact we have caught glimpses of conversations where Leonardo da Vinci, Darwin, Einstein were mentioned and then subsequently heard the names of Ray Kurzweil, Burt Rutan, Steven Hawking, Stephen Wolfram and Matt Ridley. And what is so exciting about these dialogues is that it isn’t even the names referenced as much as the methods of their creative genius and the brilliance of their concepts.

As we solve mankind’s challenges in the present we draw from all periods; past, current and future to do so. And yet we do this without partisan politics or cultural infighting destroying the flow of thought. We are focused on solving problems previously caused by linear thought, unintended consequences or the innate ego driven characteristics of the species. In doing this we also develop ideas, concepts and strategies which eliminate future problems in advance.

Nearly every modern dilemma humankind faces today is addressed here and there are solutions for each. Since our Think Tanks exist with small net-centric groups, as well as globally online we have no barriers of locality. The flow of thought should not have to endure barriers of regionalism, confines of the planet or even dimensional space-time for that matter. Our teams consist of people from all walks of life, all professions and academia as well. Our goal is to propel unlimited thought and unlimited thinking.

Our local groups often meet once per week at a local coffee shop and then join us with their thoughts online. Having access to specialized domains allows our members to ask questions of the experts and challenge them too. We are leveling the playing field for input into the system and bypassing the restrictive fields of academic sciences, political venues or large non-profit organizations.

Our mission is to Win and foster a can do attitude because we believe no challenge is too great for the unlimited mind. As our Think Tank grows we wish to change the World and insure the continued forward progression of the human race. Now will you bring us your creative genius, open mind, perseverance and strength of character and help in the cause?

Are you interested in joining such a Think Tank for the World or would you like to set up a Think Tank in your area? Then tell us about yourself, please do not be shy, as your talents are the key to our success; CLICK HERE

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