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Welcome to the Reading Room.


Sustainable Agriculture and Home Gardens by Carmen Bailey 


Future Truck Technologies by Lance Winslow
Intelligent Systems and Their Societies
by Walter Fritz
Holographic Technologies of the Future by Lance Winslow
Hover Boards of the Future by Lance Winslow

Third World

How You Can Help in Honduras by Nathalie Fiset
Plan for Action - Nairobi Slums
by Lance Winslow

Community Support

ADA - Awareness for Local Communities Stephenie Glas
Arson Watch by Stephenie A. Glas
How to Start a College Flying Club by Lance Winslow
Neighborhood Mobile Watch Program by Lance Winslow
Running a Successful Car Wash Fundraiser by Lance Winslow
Raising Money for Autism 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 by Lori Kuhre
Water Conservation PR Plan for City by Lance Winslow


Economic Development - Hidden Tech by Amy Zuckerman
Unmanned Vehicle Robotic Warfare of the Future Lance Winslow
Urban Ecology - Building Vegetation by Colin Manass

Reports to Government

Lance Winslow - FTC Franchise Rule by Lance Winslow
Lance Winslow - FTC Telemarketing Rule by Lance Winslow 


Limitless Thought Essay by Lance Winslow 

Small Business Support

Retirement for Small Business Owners by Lance Winslow
Working With Your Chamber of Commerce by Lance Winslow
Capitalizing American Businesses by Lance Winslow
Small Business Death in Family by Lance Winslow
Scranton PA Economic Study by Lance Winslow
Innovation Incubator Plan for America by Lance Winslow
Boat Cleaning Book -  Boat Cleaning Manual by Lance Winslow 


The Flow of Thought by Lance Winslow
The Flow of Water by Lance Winslow
The Flow of Energy by Lance Winslow
The Flow of Money by Lance Winslow
The Flow of Fuel by Lance Winslow
The Flow of Raw Materials by Lance Winslow
The Flow of Trade by Lance Winslow
The Flow of Transportation by Lance Winslow
Aerodynamics Discussion by Lance Winslow
Facial Recognition Countermeasures by Lance Winslow
Spy Robots of the Future by Lance Winslow
The Flow of Transportation by Lance Winslow

Low Cost eBooks Books by Think Tank Founder by Lance Winslow

* Our Team is constantly seeking qualified and experienced researchers and writers to assist us in our reports, eBooks and studies. We are very open to additional topics of concern. Let's make the world a better place!

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