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How our Youth Think Tank works:

The Online Think Tank for the first time is opening it's doors to Youth. We have discovered that the true dreamers of our time are also the future of mankind. This uninhibited view of the World is vital to shaping our future. We wish to carry on this tradition of world thinkers to the next generation. We are looking for new ideas, projects and concepts to help propel The Online Think Tank into future generations.

Einstein was thrown out of school as a child and they said he would never amount to much. We cannot afford to lose the next Einstein(s) to such irrational pre-judgments. We wish to encourage our youth, not only in sports, music and good grades, but also in thinking. We are looking for serious chapter leaders who will help us make that investment in our Youth, to help guide and push them towards higher learning, deeper thinking and increased awareness of all surroundings and with this gift, we in turn will receive the brain power of honest, uninhibited and simplistic solutions to mankind's biggest follies.

So many discoveries have been made under such simple logic. We believe in our Youth and we believe somewhere the answers we seek lie within the untapped and unchallenged brains of our most precious assets. We are helping cultivate this resource and now we are going to listen to our Youth and let them teach us as we challenge them to think.

If you believe you can help our Youth go beyond the normal academic requirements, challenge them to work through complex problem solving with open minds to find simple solutions, we believe we can prevent the linear decision making of our time and bring a new era to this Planet. We ask you are you up for the task to teach our kids to think, solve, adapt, reason and lead us into the future?

If so, we would like to discuss with you a local youth Chapter of The Online Think Tank.

Your group will interact with other Youth Chapters across the country and throughout the World. Each participant will receive a Certificate of Membership. You will be given thoughts of the week to work on. You will work on local issues and give input to local leadership. You will help develop a strong image of the smart kids. You will be involved in many larger projects which will help guide the Online Think Tank's Vision as we press on to fix the problems of the World. We are working on ways to stop cancer, feed the world, provide fresh and clean water supplies, improve energy efficiency, stabilize economies, stop cure AIDS, provide jobs, understand the universe, the list goes on and on. The Online Think Tank includes and can incorporate nearly every known science and all those sciences and concepts waiting to be discovered.

Can you imagine a World, with an organization like that? We can and we thought you would too. This is the reason we are now offering Youth Chapters of the Online Think Tank. Isn't this why you found us on the Internet in the first place? After all isn't this is one of the reasons you searched us out. You have now found us. Won't you join us and help us make your ideas and dreams a reality for the betterment of mankind? Time is of the essence, we cannot waste another minute or another mind. Help us, help you to help them.

To have your group considered for it's own Youth Chapter of The Online Think Tank, please click here to download an application.

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