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2012 Online Think Tank Projects

Currently Slated Projects

1. AI Visualization Mind-Mapping for Massive Data Storage, Searching/Retrieval, and Creative Machine Thinking.
2. UAV Rescue Evacuation Prototype
3. Prototype to Manufacturing Phase in - Redefining Finite Capacity Scheduling Models for Start-Up Innovation Incubators.

2011 Online Think Tank Projects

1. "How to" Small Business Start-up eBook Series for Entrepreneurs
     and Small Business Owners - Economic Back Bone Enhancement.
2. Feb. 2001 Consumer Product Design Contest Submission Winner
3. High Altitude Dirigible ICBM Missile Defense Net-centric Grid Concept
4. New Innovative Yacht Anchor Design for Safety and Efficiency.
5. Efficient Robotic Boat/Ship Hull Cleaning Device - due to increased
     water temps, algae and growth buildup - need to conserve fuel.
6. Solution to Ultrasound Emissions from Large Wind Turbine Generator
     Heath Risks, Wildlife, Airport Radar Interference.
7. New Innovation iPad, Tablet Holder for Kitchen.
8. Mine Shaft Rescue Device and System - Trapped and Injured Persons

2010 Online Think Tank Projects

Completed and Currently Running Projects

1.  Innovation Incubator Privatization Plan for America.
2.  Science Fiction Strategy to Announce Future Concepts.
3.  Upper Atmosphere Weather Grid; Scramjet Hypersonic Flight Safety.
4.  Use of Low Frequency Room Device to Enhance Innovation Ability.
5.  Frequency Manipulation of Water Molecules in Glacier Ice,
       Underwater Compounds to Control Integrity or Undermine Ion
       Strength of Compounds - Applications and Science.
6.  Plan to Curb Bureaucracy Intervention and Excessive Rule Making
        for Small Business Sector to Promote Job Growth.
7.  Rethinking "Think Tank Theory" - Creating a VentureThink Concept.
8.  Revisiting Typhoon and Hurricane Steering Strategies.
9.  Research & Study into Sports Technologies of the Future + eBook.
10. Comprehensive Report on the Future of Human Sports.
11. Truck Trailer De-Ice System to Prevent Highway Accidents
12. Planetary Defense - Deflect-Divert-Destroy Killer Asteroid or Comet
13. Low Cost Storm Drain Solution to Prevent Water Pollution
14. Review of New Efficient Aircraft Design
15. Solution for Future Deepwater Oil Spill Pipeline Fix

2009 - Recent Efforts, News, Concepts and Projects

Projects in Completion Phase;


1.  Artificial Intelligence Futurist Report
2.  Virtual Reality - Future Blurring of the Real World
3.  UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Future Roadmap
4.  US Healthcare Streamlining and Cost Reduction Research
5.  Genius Research Project - Locating the Geniuses of Our Time
6.  Bolivia at a Crossroads - Coca, Amerindians, Geo-Politics, Aid
7.  Hurricane and Typhoon Disaster Mitigation and Weather Control
8.  China's Diplomacy and Moral Obligations in Global Trade


Future Potential Niche Projects Being Considered

  • Cavitation Strategy - Oxygenating Coastal Ocean Dead Zones

  • Copper Enclosed Carbon Nano-Tube Construction - Reducing Radiation Risks and Energy Collection - Long Term Space Flight

  • Carbon Composite Material - Toxic Gas Burning Mitigation for Aircraft, Ships, Buildings, Autos, Trains, Bridges

  • Reflective Mirrored Coatings for Freeway Tunnel Blind Corners

  • Intake Shape Shifting for Hypersonic Aircraft - Efficiency of Burn and as an Atmospheric Transitional Strategy

  • Recession Proofing a Nation Using Franchising, Small Business Solutions and Entrepreneurial Training

  • Deep Ocean Tube Air Circulation for Coastal City Cooling

  • Computer Brain Interface System - Scanning Individual Brain, Converting to Ones and Zeros for Communication

  • Regulation Reduction to Reduce Recession Risks


Pre-2008 Past Projects,
News,Concepts and Innovations


Note: If you have expertise, research or interest in any of these issues please contact the Online Think Tank.

*Always adding topics thanks to member input and thus, we need your brilliant mind, expertise and knowledge. Please consider it.

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