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Please fill out the questions below and email us your responses. This will help us to evaluate your inquiry and see if you qualify to join the Online Think Tank. Our review is not limited to only those who are highly educated with multiple PhDs. We realize that Orville and Wilbur Wright were merely bicycle mechanics. Together we can continue mankind on the path to our destiny and we can all live together on this planet with peace and prosperity. Our Think Tank has no political affiliations, we are interested in results and what works first and foremost.

Once you have completed answering these questions email them to;


You may use the short form or long form. The short form is for folks which are more private or paranoid about identity theft, and the long-form is for those who are not. We'd prefer the longer form of course, and the more information you give us the better. Thus, helping us to properly evaluate your potential membership and introduction into our referral networks. We thank you in advance for your consideration.

Please realize that for you to become a totally active member, eventually we are going to need all the information on the long form, so if this is a deal-breaker for you, we understand and would not want you to waste your time. However, as we get to know one-another we hope you will answer as many of the questions on both forms as you feel comfortable with at this time.

After you contact us, we will begin our process which could take up to three weeks. We will open up a dialogue with you by email discussing issues in your area of expertise to verify that you can hold your own in your chosen endeavors, and challenge you to reason, adapt, problem solve, and think inside, outside, and around the proverbial box in areas you may or may not be familiar with.

Please note: The current ratio of candidates to accepted members is about 1 in 50, so if you do not feel you are at the top of your game, perhaps you might introduce yourself now, and then contact us in future years when you are ready. Again we hope that you won't be shy, as we get to know you, and what you have to offer the team and from there your region, country, and the world. Thank you.

Short Form

1.  Name:

2.  E-mail Address:

3.  Address, City, State, Country:

4.  Fields of Knowledge and areas of Expertise:

5.  Contributions to Society, Industry, Government:

6.  Contributions to Community:

7.  Academic Credentials:

8.  Reason for Interest:

9.  How did you hear about us:

Long Form

1.  Name:

2.  E-mail Address (es):

3.  Address, City, State, Country (Also Secondary Address):

4.  Fields of Knowledge and Areas of Expertise (need 3):

5.  Contributions to Society, Industry, Government:

6.  Contributions to Community:

7.  Academic Credentials:

8.  Reason for Interest:

9.  How did you hear about us:

10.  Age: (approximation or generation is okay):

11.  Phone and Cell Phone Numbers:

12.  Approximate IQ Level:

13.  Secondary Address (if you have one):

14.  Industry Experience (years in each, locations, positions):

15.  Education (degrees, studies, locations):

16.  Research (list all and papers if any):

17.  Areas of Personal Interest (list all):

18.  Why do You Wish to join a Think Tank:

19.  What is Your Maximum Available Time Commitment:

20.  Nonprofit Involvement, Social Activities:

21.  Innovations and Inventions Conceived:

22.  Personality Type if known:

23.  What Changes in the World Would You Like to See, and more specifically, how would see them attained?

       A. Locally:

       B. Regionally:

       C. State or Province:

       D. Your Continent, Another Continent:

       E. Globally:

       F. Beyond Earth:

24.  Unique Personal Attributes:

25.  Award, Honors, Accolades (sorry - we are not accepting
       Nobel Prize Winners):

26.  Are You Willing to Set Up a Local, Regional, Industry, or
       Specific Niche Think Tank:

27.  Please List Anything Else We Should Consider:

We apologize for this long list of questions, however you can perhaps see why they are necessary. We do appreciate and fully respect your time. We are very serious about what we do, and we hope you too are serious in making the world a better place. Thank you again.



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