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Please fill out the questions below and email us your responses. This will help use to evaluate your inquiry and see if you qualify to join the Online Think Tank. Our review is not limited to only those who are highly educated with multiple PhDs. We realize that Orville and Wilbur Wright we merely bicycle mechanics. Together we can continue mankind on the path to our destiny and we can all live together on this planet with peace and prosperity. Our Think Tank has no political affiliations, we are interested in results and what works first and foremost. Once you have completed answering these questions email them to;


You may use this short form below and if you appear to qualify to run a regional think thank we will later mail you the long form. You may cut and past this form into an email and simply answer the questions below. We thank you in advance for your consideration.


Regional Think Tank Short Form

1.  Name:

2.  E-mail Address:

3.  Address, City, State, Country:

4.  Fields of Knowledge and areas of Expertise:

5.  Contributions to Society, Industry, Government:

6.  Contributions to Community:

7.  Academic Credentials:

8.  Reason for Interest:

9.  How did you hear about us:

Advanced Application will be emailed in .pdf form (below) after the Think Tank Candidate (you) demonstrate your ability to reason and solve problems.

The pre-screening interview will be conducted thru online conversations on multiple topics and thoughts with an Online Think Tank Coordinator. These will be very informational email exchanges.

The Coordinator's recommendation will be sent to committee along with the formal application.  Official Application


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